Fly the Coop!*
Friday through Sunday; August 11-13, 2017
On the Fly!: Cailen Campbell, Ed Howe, Rob Zisette,
George Paul, Jamie Oshima, & Tristan Henderson

... a mix-and-match weekend — a different combo will play each set ...
with Emily Abel and Emily Rush calling
Rushfest with Emily Rush
... I'll never pass up an opportunity to jump and jive to Emily's mix ...
and The Oshima Brothers, Sean & Jamie,
... for our late night Sweet Dreams concert and couples dancing ...
at the First Baptist Church's Family Life Center
751 Green Street NW; Gainesville, GA 30501
... and rounding out a full weekend of contra dancing ...
workshops, cafe, game room, nap room, showers, and saunas!

Dance Schedule

This is a tentative schedule. Especially for the larger afternoon and evening dances our musician combinations will be fluid. What follows are starting core minimums. As with dancing with a good partner, there will be adjustments made "on the fly" throughout the weekend!

  • Friday Evening
    • 8:00 — 9:45: contra dance Cailen, George, & Rob with Emily Abel
    • 9:45 — 11:30: contra dance Ed, Jamie, & Tristan with Emily Rush
    • 11:30 — 12:45: Sweet DreamsJamie & Sean
  • Saturday Morning
    • 10:00 — 11:00: waltzRob & Tristan
    • 11:00 — Noon: Rise and Shine Contras Rob & Tristan with Emily Rush
  • Saturday Afternoon
    • Noon — 1:30: lunch break
    • 1:30 — 3:00: Ice Skating Contras Ed & George with Emily Abel
    • 3:00 — 4:30: Second Cuppa Coffee Contras Cailen & Tristan with Emily Abel
    • 4:30 — 6:00: Rushfest with Emily Rush
    • 6:00 — 8:00: dinner break
  • Saturday Evening
    • 8:00 — 9:45: contra dance Ed, George, & Tristan with Emily Rush
    • 9:45 — 11:30: contra dance Cailen, Jamie, & Rob with Emily Abel
    • 11:30 — 12:45: Sweet DreamsJamie, Rob, & Sean
  • Sunday Morning
    • 10:00 — Noon: waltzCailen & George
  • Sunday Afternoon
    • note no lunch break!
    • Noon — 1:00 contra dance Ed, Jamie with Emily Abel
    • 1:00 — 2:00 contra dance Ed, Jamie, George with Emily Abel
    • 2:00 — 3:00 contra dance Full House (everyone!) with Emily Rush
    • 3:00 — 3:30: contra dance Rob, Tristan with Emily Rush


  • Saturday Morning
    • 9:00 — 10:00: Yoga Studio: Warmup Yoga by Find Your Center Yoga
    • 9:00 — 10:00: Dance Hall: Waltz, Beyond the Basics with John Dougan
  • Saturday Afternoon During Lunch Break
    • 12:15 — 1:15: Stage: Contra Keys for contra keyboard musicians with George Paul
    • 12:15 — 1:15: Lobby: Putting it Together for musicians and callers with Diane Silver
    • 12:15 — 1:15: Offsite: 776 Circle Dr. Nancy Dresses with Jennifer Horrocks
  • Sunday Morning
    • 9:00 — 10:00: Yoga Studio: Warmup Yoga by Find Your Center Yoga
    • 10:00 — 11:00: The Alley: Three Part A Cappella Harmonies with Emily Abel
    • 11:00 — 12:00 Yoga Studio: Contra Dance's Playful Essence with Rob Zisette & Jamie Oshima


You have several options available for housing. There are AirBnB rooms, cottages, and homes in and near Gainesville, a few of which are on Lake Lanier. There's a new Georgia state park, Don Carter, on Lake Lanier, about 20 minutes away with eight cottages if you'd rather swim than waltz in the morning. There are many hotels and motels in the area. Please book your housing early!

The Timmers

Tim and Rachel Timmer have offered to host dancers. They're located half way between Atlanta and Gainesville, about 30 minutes away. Contact Tim and Rachel Timmer directly at TimAndRachelTimmer@gmail.com for more information.

Someone ... please let me, Heitzso, 770-654-5098, know when they fill up so I can take this announcement down! Thanks!


Click here to jump to the AirBnB page for housing in the Gainesville area. There is a wide range of housing available, some of it just blocks from the dance hall.

Don Carter State Park

The Don Carter State Park is about 20 minutes (11 miles) away on Lake Lanier. This is a fairly new park with 8 cottages on it.

Hotels and Motels

Two nearby hotels have been recommended, the Hampton Inn and the Hilton Garden Inn. Certainly search around for others if these doesn't suit you. There are many around town.



A block from the dance hall is a Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurant. The dance hall is located a mile from the downtown Gainesville square where there are many great restaurants. We'll have a list of restaurants out with menus to help you select. In the meantime, you can check out our listing of restaurants from our web site here. Or jump to Google Map's listing of Gainesville restaurants here.


A few area restaurants, e.g. Locos Bar and Grill and Atlas Pizza, will deliver. These will be listed with their menus in the lobby alongside the regular restaurant listing and menus.

On Site Cafe

A lite breakfast will be available in the Cafe Saturday and Sunday mornings. We'll have snacks and drinks available in the Cafe throughout the weekend.

If you want to hunker down and enjoy your take out or deliver meal at our dance hall we have tables and chairs for you in the lobby and Cafe.

The Good Stuff


There are two spas a block away, The Spa on Green Street and the Dream Day Spa.


A BodyWorks licensed massage therapist will be in the nap room with their massage table setup from 2 to 6 Saturday afternoon. A sign up sheet for 25 minute massages for $30 will be nearby.

Nap Room

One room is dedicated to napping and massages. It will be open throughout the weekend for napping. It has some padding on the floor and quite a few thicker tumbling style mats. Bring a pillow or two!

Showers, Saunas, and Lockers (Oh My!)

There are separate men and women changing rooms with saunas, showers, and lockers. Bring your own towels, soap, and shampoo.


As noted above, we'll have a Cafe open with coffee, teas, and snacks throughout the weekend.


Card and board games will be out for dedicated gamers or bring your own favorite games to share.

Toddler and Young Child Play Area

There's a large toddler play space in the lobby. It's not easily visible from the dance area, but neither is it far away. You must assume responsibility for your own child. Neither First Baptist Church nor atgaga incorporated are responsible for your child. We will have a Birds of a Feather sign up sheet for parents of children.


This close to the dance (it's tomorrow!), we've pulled down registration over the Internet.
We will have someone at the door (well, the front counter actually) to register you.
You can drop by and listen for free, then upgrade to dance for the day or the weekend.

Adults are $85 for the weekend.
Students are $45 for the weekend.
Children under 13 are free.
Family maximum is $215.

Day rates are $30 for adults, $15 for students.
"Days" are Friday, Saturday day, Saturday evening, and Sunday.


Sound is important, particularly at a dance weekend with great musicians playing their heart out! Heitzso has point on sound and takes pride in providing clear nuanced sound throughout the hall. You will luxuriate in sonic pleasure!

A/C, Floors, and Parking

The Family Life Center was built about 30 years ago with good A/C and large, relatively quiet, ceiling fans far overhead. We've been dancing year round at the Family Life Center for a few years and have always been comfortable.

Our wooden dance floor is, indeed, sprung. There is air under the floor but it is sprung fairly tight for basketball playing. Go to most any good basketball gym and check out their floor. Most likely it will be similar to ours.

The First Baptist Church is a mid-sized church with a pre-school and gym. There is ample on site parking.

What am I leaving out that you want to know?

Why "Fly the Coop"?

Gainesville is known as the Poultry Capital of the World and we have a plinth downtown with a statue of a chicken on top! The Wikipedia entry describing our fair city is here. Hence Fly the Coop!

... for more information, call or email Jennifer Horrocks at 678-570-7390 or jenny.dances@yahoo.com ...
<at gainesville georgia>